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 Mindfulness isn’t an “add-on” – it is the home base to come back to when we are under stress.  It’s a practice that grows from technique to a pervasive life stance.  A wealth of research supports the results obtained from mindfulness training. It helps with stress, transforms conflict, removes the obstacles to using your skills under pressure, helps your relationships, and fosters balance. Mindfulness has been demonstrated to increase the emotional intelligence of both employees and leaders of companies such as General Mills, Intel and Google.

At AIM for Organizational Health, we work with businesses and organizations to raise Awareness, achieve Integration, and enable Mastery of mindfulness tools to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness. Our program offerings include trainings, small group facilitation/coaching, individual coaching and customized retreats in the areas of stress management, conflict resolution, resiliency, leadership effectiveness and team cohesiveness. The principals of this consortium are Judith Sugg and Alisa Blum.

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Preview and purchase our book Transforming Conflict with Mindfulness 

Watch Alisa’s interview on tips for improving focus & productivity:  

Experience Judy leading you in a brief mindful pause:

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Feedback from workshop participants:

“Great job. Learned things about myself and others that will be useful now and in the future” (Wayne Belmont, participant, 2019 Lincoln County Leadership Retreat)

“I liked the flow and interactive activities. The presenters were very good and presented the information in a comprehensive way.”   (Participant, Multnomah County retreat, 2016)

“Thank you for teaching me how to stay grounded in the work I do.   Being grounded means not being swept away from your focus. These tools will help with personnel management.”  (Participant,  Multnomah County retreat, 2016)

Judy was outstanding! What an awesome instructor. Great handouts, great at understanding questions, had great explanation skills. Just a “with-it” person with lots of skills — which she was willing to share. (Jean, Conflict Resolution Workshop, 2016)

“ Fantastic class. Alisa allowed us to use each other often as a sounding board to develop our skills. Instructor was very encouraging and understanding.”  (Participant, Interpersonal Effectiveness Workshop, Trimet, 2010)

“Mindfulness is powerful.  With skilled leaders, I can learn steps fairly quickly and easily.

“Thank you…You found a way of pointing out simple but empowering tools to use on a day-to-day (maybe minute by minute) situation or problem.”