AIM for Organizational Health Programs

 Leadership and Team Development Programs

Introduction to Mindful Leadership  A half-day session focusing on the role of the mindful leader in improving organizational effectiveness. This session helps leaders begin to shift from reactivity to responsiveness, learn how to build cohesive teams, and enhance productivity.

 Mindful Leadership Series  Integrate the skills from the introductory session to develop resilient, focused and innovative leaders. Using the framework of emotional intelligence, master skills in self-management, relationship building, conflict resolution, stress management, focus, and productivity. Develop organizational strategies to create a culture of mindfulness.

 Mindful & Inclusive Leadership for the 21st Century  This new program offered jointly with Lillian Tsai of Tsai Comms to incorporate diversity & inclusion best practices with mindful leadership.

Team-Building & Teams in Transition  Team-building sessions help workgroups adapt to changing roles, new members, and organizational changes. Team members explore how they each add value to the team, how to interact more effectively, and how to value and assist team members. It may also be useful to have a real-time team assessment. One AIM consultant will visit a regular meeting, observes critical team dynamics. The goal is to create a stronger, more vibrant, productive and creative team.

 Mindfulness & Resilience  When faced with challenging events, or when working with clients in trauma, professionals may feel depleted. Resilience is the process of adapting to high stress events effectively. Gain knowledge and strategies for self-care (mental, physical, and emotional) that foster resilience. Learn tools that build ability to bounce back.

Assessments  We are certified to provide the Social+Emotional Intelligence Profile to assess individual and team social+emotional intelligence as well the EQi-2.0.   Included with detailed assessment results is an hour (phone) debrief/coaching session. We are also certified to provide the DISC profile, which builds an understanding of different approaches, and when used with a team, can build productivity and cohesiveness.

Transforming Conflict with Mindfulness

Mindful Conflict Series  This is a comprehensive program designed to help participants to integrate mindfulness techniques for resolving conflicts at work. This series can be customized to meet the specific needs of the group or team, and often includes these elements:

  1. Re-framing Conflict
  2. Emotional Intelligence Foundation
  3. What’s Your Go-To Style?
  4. Staying Calm
  5. Managing Difficult Conversations
  6. Resolving Team Conflicts
  7. Putting It All Together!

Introduction to Transforming Conflict  A 90-minute interactive introduction to the possibilities of transforming conflict.

Sample AIM Wellness Topics

These short programs are appropriate for a lunch and learn or a wellness series

  • Self-Compassion & Self-Care
  • The Science of Mindfulness
  • Stress-reduction tools
  • Mindfulness and meditation tools
  • Integrate “Office Yoga” into your work
  • Graceful responses to negative feedback
  • A Strategy for Creativity
  • Positive, Productive Self-talk
  • Dealing with Upset People
  • Confidence in Speaking in Public
  • Appreciation and rapport
  • Clear and Powerful Listening
  • What do I really want? Developing Clarity
  • Communicating with Respect
  • Increasing Focus to Enhance Productivity