Can an “Oscar” Improve Employee Productivity?

Gold TrophyWhenever I  watch the Academy Awards I am struck by the outpouring of emotion shown by highly accomplished performers because they feel so honored by the recognition they are receiving.  After the awards ceremony last night I began thinking about how important it is to our well being and motivation when we are acknowledged for our high performance.

It is quite common for companies to reward their sales people because their success is measured by the amount of goods and services that are sold.  How do you measure success when your contribution is not as obviously quantifiable?  I recently completed an e-learning module for the legal secretaries of a law firm on “Valuing the Contribution You and Others Bring to the Team”.  One of the assignments given to the secretaries was to note the services they provide to the attorneys that save the attorneys time, thereby allowing the attorneys to increase their billable hours.  By completing this assignment, a monetary value could be placed on the secretaries contributions.

What can you do in your organization to quantify the contributions that employees at various levels provide?  How can you best reward top performing employees?   What impact will your rewards have on your organization’s productivity?

5 thoughts on “Can an “Oscar” Improve Employee Productivity?

  1. Glen

    While goals and feedback are well proven drivers of performance and productivity, Alfie Kohn’s book, Punished by Rewards, details the dangers of getting people focused on “what do I get?” Surveys of employees show Appreciation and Feeling Like I’m Making a Difference are valued more than good wages. Incentives more often lead to bureaucracy rather than personal interaction, frustration with the system rather than pride, and greed and manipulation rather than going the extra mile for the team. Profit sharing is one exception since it emphasizes “we are all in this together” and encourages collaboration rather than internal competition.

    1. Alisa Blum Post author

      I agree with the points you make. I also tried to emphasize in this post the importance of quantifying the value we bring to the places we work.

    1. Alisa Blum Post author

      I’m glad you liked the article, I’ll be posting another this week.

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