How to Create an Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Team

Imagine a leadership team in which everyone is committed to improving their social and emotional intelligence. In such a team, people feel supported, have clear communication, manage conflict well, and create a safe environment in which to take risks. A leadership team with these attributes will be more likely to experience high productivity, enhanced innovation and create an environment where employees thrive.

I recently had the opportunity to work with a leadership team that wanted to work on ┬ádeveloping their social and emotional intelligence. Each team member took the Social+Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)┬« which measures 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies. Team members received feedback about their individual strengths, with suggestions on ways to improve their own social and emotional intelligence. A team report was generated showing the various aspects of the team’s social and emotional intelligence. During the debrief of the team report, the team was given the opportunity to acknowledge their strengths and explore areas for improvement. Each team member left our debrief session motivated to develop specific strategies to increase the team’s effectiveness by improving specific aspects of their own social and emotional intelligence.

Team effectiveness will improve when each team member actively works to enhance their own development. The Social+Emotional Intelligence Profile gives teams a measurable way to assess their own team functioning and provides the opportunity for each team member to create concrete ways they can contribute to team effectiveness.

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