Six Key Competencies of Effective Managers

management communication skillsFor years we’ve been hearing that people don’t leave their jobs, they leave their managers. Despite this knowledge, many employees are promoted into management positions without understanding key competencies that will enable them to be effective managers.

Here are six key competencies that I have seen in successful managers:

  • Proficient Communication Skills: Managers that are skillful communicators, listen with full attention to employees concerns, adapt their communication based on each employee’s personality style and manage conflict in a manner that all parties experience a satisfactory outcome.
  • Understand the Needs of the Multigenerational & Multicultural Workforce: Baby Boomers, who once dominated the workforce, are now retiring. Our youngest employees, the Millennials, are now the largest cohort in the workforce and have very different work styles than previous generations. Effective managers understand the needs of the different generations and adapt accordingly.  Our workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse.  It is incumbent upon managers to communicate effectively across cultures.
  • Provide High Impact Performance Feedback: To help employees to develop to their full potential, effective managers know how to provide frequent positive and constructive feedback in a way that motivates both underperforming and high performing employees.
  • Focus on Employee’s Career Development Needs: A key reason high performing employees’ stay at their jobs is because they have the opportunity to learn and grow. Effective managers develop career development plans with their employees and follow-up to ensure the plans are implemented.
  • Incorporate a Strengths-Based Leadership Approach: A strengths-based approach ensures that managers are aware of their own strengths and interact with employees and the leadership team in a way that capitalizes on their own strengths. Effective managers are also aware of their employees’ strengths and consciously create development opportunities that maximize employees’ strengths.
  • Advocate Organizational Changes Necessary for Developing and Keeping Top Talent: Often organizations need to make adaptations in their structure and policies in order to develop and keep a high-achieving workforce. Effective managers are skilled at helping senior management understand the need to make changes that satisfy employee needs and create a thriving organization.

Often companies have the desire to teach these competencies, but lack the internal resources to devote to this endeavor. Contact us to find out about our Developing Great Managers Program and to schedule a free consultation to help you develop a highly competent management team.