Strategies for Improving Employee Performance

strategies to improve employee performanceWe now have advancements in brain science that give hard data on the positive and negative impact a manager can have on the brain functioning of the employee. In the book, Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People, author Nick Hallowell, M.D. cites evidence that demonstrates how a person’s brain can grow and change for the better with the help of a skilled manager. According to Dr. Hallowell, brain growth occurs when a manager encourages positive feelings & positive behavior. On the other hand, chronic negativity & fear makes for lower performing brains because brain circuits get overloaded. Therefore, even a very bright employee will underperform when in a highly charged negative environment.

Here are some strategies for improving employee performance:

  1. Acknowledge to the employee the specific contributions he/she is making that positively impact your organization’s success.
  2. Be supportive when your employee experiences failure. Frame it up as a learning opportunity and alleviate the pressure for perfection.
  3. Align the employee’s job responsibilities with their strengths and passion. We all do better when we are assigned tasks/projects we excel at doing.
  4. Pay attention to signs of burnout and encourage self-care such as time off, regular lunch breaks and exercise.

As managers increase their ability to positively influence the performance of employees, you will see a wide array of benefits ranging from reduced turnover, to decreased sick days and increased profitability. Contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss strategies for improving employee productivity.