Learning & Development Programs

We offer programs via AIM for Organizational Health that incorporate mindfulness tools that enable employees to decrease stress and reduce team conflict.

We also provide:

MINDFUL & INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP, which helps organizations successfully adapt to current generational and cultural demographic shifts in an increasingly fast-paced, stressful work environment.

Outcomes include:

  • A revised mission, vision and core values to reflect an inclusive culture
  • An understanding of the many layers and impact of diversity and the skills needed to become an inclusive leader
  • Improved self-management and personal state management to manage stress and enhance relationships
  • Reduced reactivity and enhanced communication when in conflicts, with particular attention to situations of actual or perceived bias and micro-aggressions
  • The skills to provide high impact feedback that enhances motivation and increases retention
  • Team cohesion by learning how to value diverse perspectives and create a trusting and inclusive atmosphere
  • Enhanced productivity by incorporating mindfulness for focus and efficiency


  • leverage the strengths of employees from each generation to create more productive teams
  • develop generation-specific communication skills
  • create strategies that will increase productivity
  • identify the elements organizations need in order to create a successful multigenerational workforce

This program is often provided in collaboration with diversity and inclusion trainer, Lillan Tsai, to  assist employees to improve relationships across generations and cultures.


A strengths-based approach has been found to have a direct impact on increasing employee engagement. In this workshop, participants use their StrengthsFinder assessment results, along with the book, Strengths-Based Leadership, to create a plan to maximize leadership effectiveness. To compliment this work, a workshop for employees to understand their StrengthsFinder results can maximize team effectiveness and enhance the relationship between the employee and manager.


This workshop helps managers to: develop personalized motivators; effectively communicate with employees who are not working to their potential as well as to learn strategies to retain high-potential employees. An emphasis on the development of recognition strategies is incorporated into this workshop.


  • Convey a positive attitude
  • Listen
  • Problem solve
  • Write effective email
  • Communicate with difficult people
  • Use proper telephone etiquette

THE CULTURAL DETECTIVE® SYSTEM, which enables your organization to meet the high-performance demands of an increasingly global economy by:

  • Improving employees’ understanding of specific cultures
  • Developing strategies to bridge cultural differences
  • Increasing the ability of diverse teams to work together

Detailed information can be found at: www.culturaldetective.com.

*Additional workshop information can be found at www.aimportland.com