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Tools for Reducing Internal Conflict



When we think of a conflict, we most likely think about a disagreement with another person.  In actuality, for many people, the conflicts we have inside ourselves cause us the most distress.

Here are 3 ways to effectively deal with internal conflicts:

  1. Notice your early warning signals.

How does your body react when you are upset? Does your heart beat fast, do your hands get sweaty, do you clench your jaw, does your stomach tighten, do you talk to yourself in a nasty tone?  By paying attention to your early warning signals you can redirect and calm yourself.  Try a short meditation such as Judy Sugg’s 3-minute mindful pause.

  1. Be kind to yourself.

 Are you your own worst enemy? Do you find that you are more critical of yourself than others are of you?  The first step in becoming less self-critical is to become aware you are giving yourself negative messages and then, consciously substitute the negative self-messages with positive self-messages.  Treat yourself with the same kindness you would give a good friend.

  1. Give your worries a reality check.

You may find that fretting over what could go wrong keeps you from directly dealing with a conflict.  Often worries over what could go wrong are exaggerated.  Talk with someone you trust and who is familiar with the situation. You may find the reality of the situation is less toxic than your fears.

You can find more tools for conflict resolution in the book, “Transforming Conflict with Mindfulness” by Judith Sugg & Alisa Blum.  Information about our training programs for organizational health can be found at aimportland.com .