Top 10 Strategies for Developing & Keeping Top Talent

Are you concerned that your highly skilled employees will leave your organization? Do you wonder what you can do to maximize employee satisfaction and productivity?

I have found that the following tactics have helped companies create increased employee engagement, reduce turnover and develop a more productive workforce:

  1. Find out why your employees like working for you.
  2. Ask your employees what would keep them from leaving your company.
  3. Let your employees know how valuable they are.
  4. Transition to a flatter organizational structure where entry-level employees can easily provide input to top management.
  5. Provide a variety of opportunities for professional growth.
  6. Make sure your managers provide frequent feedback.
  7. Focus on maximizing your employees’ strengths.
  8. Provide options to enhance work/life balance.
  9. Reward creativity and innovation.
  10. Encourage open communication about differing perspectives.

Which of these tactics are you using? What results are you seeing as you consciously set out to engage your employees? Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation to discuss specific strategies your organization can implement to help you develop a high achieving workforce.